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ARTPLAY Design Center has provided the photo The Great Modernists. A Revolution in the Arts for everyone to see and to read the comments on the single page.

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I deliberately did not prepare myself before coming to this exhibition; I did not make any speculations or form any expectations. I was all the more surprised by my emotions – the fascination and feeling as if I has stumbled into a fairy tale. The large forehall full of light exhibits masterpieces created at the turn of the century. It was incredibly interesting to walk along the walls in search of my favorite paintings and to watch the evolution of painting.  And it is after you enter the main dark hall that the magic begins. Nine short films are displayed telling the visitors about nine artists and their works. These are not the pieces of art around you that become alive; these paintings just seem to absorb you inside. Suddenly you find yourself in the blooming jungles of Henri Rousseau or in the Haiti of Paul Gauguin.  Flying around you are posters by Henri de Toulouse-Lautrec, and abstractionist paintings by Wassily Kandinsky; portraits are flying in the air, cigar smoke is rising, rain washes away what remains of the colors. It would be wrong to call it an exhibition, rather, it’s a show. For me it was a chance to plunge into the amazing worlds of genius artists who, although so different are equally profound.”

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